With the unfolding year comes the latest trend predictions in home décor. Known for releasing limited edition trend colors every year, Behr has recently released their 2017 palette. The said paint collection is divided into three, as Behr calls it, “lifestyle collections”.

The selections offer a wide range of hues, but ultimately each color is set to fall under a specific personality. It only goes to show that maybe 2017 is all about individualism and letting colors define who you are as much as they define your home.

Here are three beautiful shades of blue that we think can represent three different personalities.

Calm and collected:


Is there anything more stress-relieving than taking a nice and warm bath inside your most personal space? Well, yes. We think it’s more relaxing when said bathroom is painted in a shade of light blue that is so calming it is almost white.


Some days, we love the fun, but some days, peace is the answer. Good thing that’s exactly what you get with this tone. After an excruciating day at work, a cozy bedroom where you can get some peace of mind is a great escape.



Daring, confident, fearless—these are just some of the words we can associate with this bold shade of blue. Those who are constantly facing challenges need not worry about finding the right shade—we’ve crossed that task off the list for you. This is your color.



Taking the color of the sky and the ocean, nothing prepares you for an adventure quite like turquoise. This shade is perfect for kids’ bedrooms, but will also be perfect for anyone who needs a taste of excitement and adventure.