Decorating room with kids is a great way to connect, bond, and learn together. Although we know that kids can be a little picky when it comes to decorating their room, you can treat that as a good sign your children are creative thinkers. Lend them a hand and help them choose a palette suitable for their room! Here are our top picks:

  1. White/gray


Who said neutrals can’t be playful? In contrast, they make a great backdrop for colorful furniture and accessories. This room plays around with pink and blue pastels while using a grayish white paint for its walls, creating a cozy ambiance.

  1. Pink


This cotton candy pink makes a great choice for a girl’s bedroom. Mix it up with a few other bright colors and you get a youthful atmosphere.

  1. Green


This room was originally tagged as a boy’s bedroom, but the great thing about green is its versatility. Taking the color of nature, it easily creates a refreshing backdrop that is sure to lift spirits up.

  1. Blue


What we loved about this room is its simple yet whimsical use of color. Instead of opting for the usual white, a starlit blue ceiling is used in this playful bedroom. The wooden shelf also makes a great contrast and adds maturity to the room, making it a great interior for those in their early teen years.

  1. Yellow


The color of sunshine, yellow is a no-brainer. This room makes use of the bright shade in its flooring, adding a unique and quirky touch to the whole space.

Looking for more ideas? Browse through our website for more color schemes.