2017 Palettes: Beautiful Blue

With the unfolding year comes the latest trend predictions in home décor. Known for releasing limited edition trend colors every year, Behr has recently released their 2017 palette. The said paint collection is divided into three, as Behr calls it, “lifestyle collections”.

The selections offer a wide range of hues, but ultimately each color is set to fall under a specific personality. It only goes to show that maybe 2017 is all about individualism and letting colors define who you are as much as they define your home.

Here are three beautiful shades of blue that we think can represent three different personalities.

Calm and collected:


Is there anything more stress-relieving than taking a nice and warm bath inside your most personal space? Well, yes. We think it’s more relaxing when said bathroom is painted in a shade of light blue that is so calming it is almost white.


Some days, we love the fun, but some days, peace is the answer. Good thing that’s exactly what you get with this tone. After an excruciating day at work, a cozy bedroom where you can get some peace of mind is a great escape.



Daring, confident, fearless—these are just some of the words we can associate with this bold shade of blue. Those who are constantly facing challenges need not worry about finding the right shade—we’ve crossed that task off the list for you. This is your color.



Taking the color of the sky and the ocean, nothing prepares you for an adventure quite like turquoise. This shade is perfect for kids’ bedrooms, but will also be perfect for anyone who needs a taste of excitement and adventure.

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Five Bathroom Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

When decorating the bathroom, balancing style and functionality can prove to be a difficult task. After all, not a lot of bathroom decor are both stylish and practical. But our trick is this: shifting the focal point to the walls. If you can’t snag great bathroom accessories, make use of what you already have.

Today, we show you five bathroom trends you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Geometric

geometric 1

geometric 2

Geometry and shapes are taking over the interior design scene, and all for good reason. Adding life to walls, geometric patterns are a good way to add a twist to your home’s interior. Bathrooms, in this case, are no exception. It’s time to bid adieu to drab walls and make bath time a little more exciting. Kids will surely love these prints, too.

  1. Ombre

ombre 1

Can’t settle for just one color? Ombre walls are perfect for you. This bathroom wall featured in hgtv.com plays around five different shades of green to create a beautiful blending effect.

  1. Dark and moody


It’s not everyday we come across dark bathrooms, but if this what dark and moody looks like, we’ll get to that point. When used right, dark grey can be a sophisticated choice that you can balance with wooden bathroom decor.

  1. Minimalist


Less is more in this modern-day bathroom. Although sometimes viewed as dull or boring, a minimalist interior is a perfect premise for relaxation. No clutter, no chaos.

  1. Modern + organic

modern organic

With the evolution of interior design comes the combination of different styles. A fresh take on the usual sleek modern, adding organic tones to a bathroom can bring in natural light to a space. This creates a spacious and breathable environment.

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Top Five Playful Colors for a Kid’s Room

Decorating room with kids is a great way to connect, bond, and learn together. Although we know that kids can be a little picky when it comes to decorating their room, you can treat that as a good sign your children are creative thinkers. Lend them a hand and help them choose a palette suitable for their room! Here are our top picks:

  1. White/gray


Who said neutrals can’t be playful? In contrast, they make a great backdrop for colorful furniture and accessories. This room plays around with pink and blue pastels while using a grayish white paint for its walls, creating a cozy ambiance.

  1. Pink


This cotton candy pink makes a great choice for a girl’s bedroom. Mix it up with a few other bright colors and you get a youthful atmosphere.

  1. Green


This room was originally tagged as a boy’s bedroom, but the great thing about green is its versatility. Taking the color of nature, it easily creates a refreshing backdrop that is sure to lift spirits up.

  1. Blue


What we loved about this room is its simple yet whimsical use of color. Instead of opting for the usual white, a starlit blue ceiling is used in this playful bedroom. The wooden shelf also makes a great contrast and adds maturity to the room, making it a great interior for those in their early teen years.

  1. Yellow


The color of sunshine, yellow is a no-brainer. This room makes use of the bright shade in its flooring, adding a unique and quirky touch to the whole space.

Looking for more ideas? Browse through our website for more color schemes.

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7 Vintage Furniture Makeovers to Inspire You

Some people equate home makeovers with repainting an entire house, getting new curtains, or throwing out every single old furniture. Nothing is exactly wrong with that, but why be the cast in an exhausting renovation spree when you can easily upgrade the look of your home with one timeless piece? Revamp your old furniture (or ready-to-assemble ones) with the help of a trusty painting service or choose to do it yourself. It’s time to give the broken dresser you got from the garage sale a makeover! C’mon, you know it has been sitting on your own garage for quite some time now.

Here are seven beautiful makeovers to help inspire your home revamp:

1. Antique Chest by Susan at Saw Nail and Paint





A broken antique chest covered with cherry stain and varnish turned into a vintage coastal blue dresser. Place it atop a carpet with the same blue shade for a deep nautical touch, or in front of a neutral background to let it stand out.

2. Vintage Writing Table by Brenda Young at Unique Junktique





A brown rustic table turned into a farmhouse darling. Use it as a bedside table or as a shelf for your favorite stationery.

3. Drum Table by Karri at the Blue Ribbon Kitchen





A thrift store rescue transformed into a classic drum table painted with clean white paint and finished with an antique brown glaze.

4. Vintage Floral Ladder by Bev at Flamingo Toes





A creative concept that uses floral napkins. Play around with colors to have a burst of joy inside your home.

5. Suitcase Dresser by Jen at Girl in the Garage





A plain IKEA chest upgraded into a dresser that travels back in time.

6. Cube Storage by Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers



A basic cube organizer stepped up with weathering techniques. First, it is stained with a beautiful dark walnut shade, then dry brushed with a combination of white and grey tones.

7. Blue Bird Dresser by Rachel at Shades of Blue Interiors





An antique dresser transformed into a beautiful hand painted craft. The light blue shade is achieved by mixing shades of Provence, White, and Duck Egg, while the birds are first drawn with chalk before painting them white.

Find one that suits your taste? Call us today and feel free to share your ideas with us! The great thing about makeovers is you can always customize them according to your personal preference. If you don’t have the time to revamp your old furniture, we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand.

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Choosing the Right Color Scheme

For some people, choosing the right palette is all about what’s trending in the market, while others about what’s making them happy. You could say it’s a battle between style and happiness, but we believe it’s always possible to meet halfway.  Before singling out the best color scheme for your home, here is a little sneak peek into the psychology of colors.


Neutral white

The strength of neutral colors like white lies in its flexibility. You can easily accentuate it with colorful hues when your home needs a burst of color, and tone it down when you’re in the mood for something minimalist. White is also perfect for those who have smaller spaces since it creates the illusion of a breathable environment.

Bright red

Bold red

Red is a powerful color that can ignite feelings of anger and hostility, but it can also stimulate energy and excitement. Because of this factor, some restaurateurs choose to use red as a major element in their restaurants.

Cool blue

Cool blue

Reminiscent of the ocean, blue is said to produce a calming and relaxing effect to the body. Light shades are recommended to be used in bedrooms and bathrooms, while warmer tones are ideal for places of gathering such as family and living rooms. On the other hand, darker hues of blue are said to invoke feelings of sorrow and sadness.

Earthy green

Earthy green

Green is a representation of the beauty of nature–a calming shade that can bring some peace of mind. Like blue, green naturally refreshes the senses; akin to yellow, it evokes happiness and warmth. Green is also closely associated with fertility, which is why some interior designers would recommend it as a major bedroom theme.

Warm yellow

Warm yellow

Yellow is a bit of a contradiction. Light shades are believed to invoke joy and warmth, while dark hues are known to produce feelings of frustration and anger. Studies also show that babies cry more in yellow rooms as compared with other colors.

Warm orange

Lively orange

Like yellow, there is much of a debate regarding the usage of orange. Since it is an enthusiastic color, some experts agree that orange is ideal to be used in gyms, but others say it is best to be avoided in that particular department. This is because orange is also believed to stimulate the appetite–which might work against you while you’re working out.

Feeling a bit undecided? Feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly help you make the best decision for your home–psychology and trend of colors considered.

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Palette of the Season: Falling in Love with Fall

Every season has a beautiful statement to make. As the bright green leaves slowly turn into a magnificent blend of brown and orange hues, and the chilly atmosphere embraces your home, find warmth in shades that are reminiscent of the fall. Here are spaces that nail this specific color palette:



A cold afternoon is best paired with a mug of warm latte. This living room plays around with a palette ranging from neutral to light brown, creating a combination of cozy and sophisticated.


Toasted Almond

For a rustic appeal, walls are painted with a toasted shade of almond, while the couch and throw pillows come in different tones of brown. This technique creates dimension and prevents the room from looking bland.


Milk chocolate

Intimacy and comfort are achieved with a palette of dark brown colors used in the room’s door and the bed’s headboard. A lighter brown wall helps balance the dark tones, while the white curtain helps bring in some light.




This tangerine room radiates with sunny happiness. Orange walls are combined with a white palette to create a positive and breathable look.


Burnt orange

A crisp and burnt orange hue is this room’s main element. White couches are used to balance the walls, while an orange cushion helps complete the theme.



Fall can be bold, as proven by this room which uses a crimson palette. Reminiscent of dark lush berries, it captures the passionate undertones of autumn.

Enjoy a timeless look inspired by the fall all season long. Call us today and share your ideas with us! We’ll gladly help bring out the beauty of autumn inside your home.

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Let Us Paint Your Home When You Are Ready

Painting the interior of a house is rewarding when you see a beautiful finished result. Accomplishing a durable paint job that looks professional may just be a task best left to professionals, however.

Painting takes time. Whereas a homeowner can get stuck in the middle of a paint project due to lack of time, professionals are able to focus on the task at hand and get the job done, often in just one to two days. The average homeowner who works a full-time job takes, on average, up to a month to complete an exterior paint job.

In addition, one company kept records which indicated that one out of five people who tackle do-it-yourself paint jobs end up hiring a professional to finish the work.

Please call us for an appointment and we can come out and give you a bid for your home. You will be surprised at how reasonably priced our services are.

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What is Faux Painting?

Painting a room or even a wall in your home is always a great way to give your home a needed boost. To give it an even bigger boost, many people are choosing to have their painting completed with faux finishing techniques. Faux finishing gives walls a dramatic look, like when done to look like suede, leather or marble. This technique is very popular all around the world and doesn’t seem to be slowing down! While many homeowners have taken it upon themselves to learn the skill of faux finishes, painters have quickly and skillfully become specialized in these techniques as well. The House Whisperer Painting has great experience in matching the right type of faux painting for your home. Please contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment

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What Color Should You Use on Your Kitchen Cabinets?

When it comes time to choosing a paint color, make sure you first take a moment to think about the mission of the kitchen – if it is your kitchen are you really looking for excitement or is the room more for helping you find a sense of peace? If the room is a modern kitchen, do you want it to be your space to invent and conduct experiments – or are you and your family looking for a room that appears to be a great spot for entertaining?

The heart of the home, the kitchen, must appease the tastes of many. When it comes to learning how to paint your home’s heart choosing the right kitchen colors is everything. Use spicy, warm kitchen colors, such as red, orange and yellow, that relate to food and offer appetizing surroundings. Use cooler, serene kitchen paint colors like green, blue and violet to create a calm and fresh atmosphere.

Let The House Whisperer Painting make a difference to your kitchen and home. We have years of experience in making your kitchen a central focus to your home. Contact us for more information and an appointment time.

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Becoming Inspired, an Article from Colorado Lifestyle Magazine

In South Africa, the Basotho women use house painting as a way to express their views and prayers. These African women took it upon themselves to speak their minds using bright paint and artistic designs on their dwellings, as a voice to show their defiance against apartheid and their passion for their families. In Lafayette, the women of The House Whisperer Painting also use design and color in ways that warm their hearts and spark their passion.

Kristol Jaskul, founder and owner of The House Whisperer Painting, is an artist herself. After years in retail and management, she found her passion for interior painting. She said, “It’s a career that I actually love going to work every morning!” While having experience with exterior painting, she wanted her company to specialize in interior painting, including faux and murals. Kristol believes her business name, The House Whisperer Painting, says it all. “Most of the time, it is the woman of the house that plans the decorating and selects the paint in the home. They prefer women painters, because we have the attention to detail and the eye for color and design. We are also complimented for being neat and clean!” Julie Maynard is an artist who has worked with Kristol for one year, painting walls and murals. Julie believes women love to hire The House Whisperer Painting because it is evident that the women love to work with people, and they can read a person’s comfort level when it comes to decorating and paint selections. Julie has loved color since a child—she remembers her first chalkboard with colored chalk. Her portfolio pictures look like actual photos, and her murals are works of art. Her latest, clouds painted on a ceiling, made her client’s child ask how she made them look 3-D!

While interviewing Kristol and Julie, Erin Norris, the third woman of The House Whisperer Painting, walked into the room. I commented that they all had paint on their shirts and shorts. Julie chimed in, “It’s a rule.”

Erin agreed, “I love paint and I love color.” She also remembers being surrounded by color as a child, but was older before she realized she could make a living with her vocation. She started her own design company, An Inside Job, several years ago, which includes decorating, color, and space.

All three women commented on the meditative nature of painting walls. “We get into the work,” Kristol said, “And it just inspires us more as we see the progress.”

The women do this difficult work because they truly love it. They are always excited to start a new job and get to know the homeowners.“This is their home and it is very personal,” Erin said. “We become part of their lives and will honor them by enjoying the work and getting it done quickly.”

All three women are inspiring. They are fulfilling their dreams by pursuing what makes them happy. They agree that what sets them apart is their ability to really get to know the client, sense what they want, and then develop that look for them. Kristol said, “If you really want white, we will paint it white for you. But we might suggest an off white or light neutral.”

Another specialty of The House Whisperer Painting is helping Realtors update homes to sell. After a recent job, the person who lived there was amazed by how the walls looked, and even more amazed by how the room was put back together for him. “These are true professionals,” he said, and he will hire them to paint his new house.

Being competitively priced helps. Although Kristol is the owner of The House Whisperer Painting, she is always involved with each job. “I love to paint and spend as much time as possible at each job site. I personally see the job through, from the bid to completion.”

Three women, coming from different backgrounds, with a love for a job historically done by men. Julie stated it simply, “If you love it, it is right.”

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