Interior Painting Specialist in Boulder County

After gaining extensive experience in retail, restaurants, and office management over the years, I made the choice to pursue my passion for painting. I joined a local painting company, immersing myself in the craft by learning from the experienced crew and attending classes in downtown Denver. Eventually, I founded Women Who Paint, a successful venture where I led a team of talented women dedicated to producing beautiful work and ensuring our sites were impeccably cleaned, leaving customers thoroughly impressed when entering the room.

While at work one day, I exclaimed to my crew, “This house is talking to me. It is saying Thank You for making me pretty again.” My crew chuckled and inquired if I considered myself the House Whisperer. I pondered and replied affirmatively. Thus, the House Whisperer Painting was conceived that day. I take pleasure in painting and revitalizing weary spaces. My job introduces me to fascinating individuals, making it a fulfilling journey.